10 ways to simplify your wedding.

While big weddings do have their charm, going with a simple yet refined ceremony will certainly capture hearts. You can have the wedding of your dreams and worry less about the pressures of wedding planning. On that note, here is a list of tips to make your nuptials intimate and simple.

1 - Ask for help

With the big checklist you have for your big day, it can be pretty exhausting to go through this alone. You will be surprised by how your family and friends will give you a hand in planning and executing. Take advantage of the offers and delegate people. Identify tasks with details and deadlines. 

2 - Have a simple menu

The biggest cost in weddings is food, but you can control how much you spend when you keep the menu simple. Instead of giving guests various choices for dinner, you can select one or two dishes for everyone to enjoy. Your guests are there to share the happiness with you, so it is not about having a fancy dinner.

3 - Hire a wedding planner

Despite small weddings being easier than massive weddings, there is no harm in making use of the expertise of a wedding planner. This is a wise investment where you save money by following a certain budget. Wedding planners can work wonders with minimal wedding themes. They will know how to coordinate catering, seating, decorations, and venues through their credible input. They will make sure that everything is done on schedule. You can hire Katrina Otter Weddings to help you with your wedding planning.

4 - Trim your guest list

The fewer guests you have, the fewer arrangements you pay for. This means minimized costs of catering, seats, favors, and other expenses. To make the ceremony more intimate, you should consider leaving out distant relatives like uncles, aunts, second and third cousins. The list can mainly include parents, siblings, and best friends. Encourage your guests to upload their photos and videos using a fun and affordable wedding app such as the Vidicrew app.  If you have a big family, make sure to explain the reasons for cutting down the guest list, which is mainly financial and personal preference.

5 - Book an all-inclusive venue

Venues like hotels, country clubs, and banquet halls often include catering and other services in their packages. By booking an all-inclusive venue you are saving yourself time (and possibly money) in searching for and hiring additional vendors, plus your planning process will be even more seamless with fewer phone calls, emails, and the like. Visit The Wedding Secret website to see the all-inclusive venues in the UK.

6 - Do EVERYTHING online

If you’re old-school, it can be oh-so tempting to buy one of those super-pretty wedding planning notebooks or binders—or use the old “Post-It” method to arrange your seating chart. Our advice: Resist the temptation and plan your wedding exclusively online. There are so many (free!) online wedding tools, from checklists to budget trackers, guest list organizers to seating chart creators, that are easily accessible and shareable, that you won’t miss that cutesy scrapbook one bit.

7 - Trust your vendors

You’ve hired your vendors for a reason—they’re professionals who know a lot about weddings. Choose pros who have received stellar reviews from past couples and are known to be trustworthy. Then, let them do their jobs. Once you feel that your vendors understand your wedding’s style and needs, you can rest assured that they don’t need to be micromanaged. By hiring the best and then sitting back and letting them do their thing, you’ll feel confident knowing that your vendor team has got your back on your wedding day. If you want to hire a top-notch wedding video team, head over to the Vidicrew wedding app as they offer affordable prices for everyone.

8 - Plan with your phone

You know those moments when you’re mindlessly playing with your phone? You know, waiting at the doctor’s office, standing in line at the bank, sitting on the train. Instead of watching ridiculous animal videos on YouTube, use those moments to plan your wedding. With wedding-related apps you can accomplish wedding-related tasks (researching vendors, updating your budget, etc.) with a tap of your phone.

9 - Keep your wedding messages separate

If you have a busy inbox (and these days, who doesn’t?), it might be useful to set up a separate email account or create a Whatsapp Message Group Chat to exclusively handle your wedding-related communications. That way, you won’t accidentally delete your flower proposal or ignore your catering bill—you’ll know that every message in your wedding account is pertinent to your big day, and keep it separate from your work or personal life.

10 - Follow one single checklist

If you do a Google search, there are a lot of online wedding checklists out there—each one will outline different tasks in a different order. Our advice? Pick one wedding checklist and stick to it so you don’t get confused.

To conclude:

There is always beauty in simplicity. When you want to have a meaningful and memorable day, you can invest in simpler ways for planning your wedding. You get the chance to focus more on the personal details that are important to you as a couple. This helps you cherish the moments, break the traditions, and save budget and effort. 

So, how are you going to create your own unforgettable and simple wedding ceremony? Leave your thoughts below!

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