3-step guide to making a DIY wedding film, with the Vidicrew app.

Anyone can make a wedding film with the Vidicrew app, because it’s really simple and fun to use. But to make it even easier, here is a 3-step guide to help glide you through the process and create the most fun and personal wedding film ever!

Step 1 - Purchase your package on the Vidicrew website

Head to www.vidicrew.com where you can get started, by creating an account and choosing your film package in a matter of a few clicks.

Choose the package that’s right for you:

  • TRY – Try the platform with a few friends and upload some content for free
  • COLLECT – Sit back, relax and see your whole wedding! Your guests can capture and upload an unlimited amount of content to your wedding gallery.
  • PRO – This one’s for you if you want to collect unlimited content and have it professionally edited into a film of your wedding day. This gives you full access to the platform, with your own designated professional video editor, who will transform the best video moments of your wedding day into a film.
  • PLUS – This is the one for those who want to see it all! Full access to the platform and the same offering as a PRO package but your designated video editor will include moments from the whole wedding journey, including any of the best videos from before and after the wedding day.


Step 2 - Share your gallery code

To purchase your Vidicrew film package, you will be required to enter a gallery name e.g. samandchriswedding. This acts as a login code, which is required for anyone who wants to access your gallery with the app. So all you need to do is share this code with your contributors, aka your guests!

You can share the code in many ways; most people use text messages, Whatsapp or email.

You also have the option to upgrade gallery members to be leaders, this simply lets them know they are the people you are relying on most to capture the content and it gives them the same gallery access as you e.g. the ability to remove content/members, make the gallery private etc.

Step 3 - See the content come in and look forward to the final film.

Once you’ve purchased your package and shared the gallery code, you’re all set! You’ll see the content coming into your gallery in real-time and you can sit back and relax knowing that your fun and personal wedding film, captured by your loved ones is well and truly happening. The final edit will be with you two weeks after the wedding date 🙂

To dig deeper, take a look at our Top 5 tips to making an AWESOME Vidicrew wedding film.

It’s probably a lot easier than you think, to make your own wedding video, especially with the Vidicrew app. Get started at www.vidicrew.com today!

What moments would you expect (or not expect) to see in your wedding gallery? 😉

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