4 quick and easy ways to cut wedding costs.

To make the most of your wedding budget, explore these 5 quick money-saving ideas that can help cut down the costs of your wedding day and keep your wedding budget under control.

1 - Make sure you negotiate

Try contacting different suppliers such as Katrina Otter Weddings or Kevin Mullins and ask for their prices. This will help you decide if your quotes are good value for your money and you can always negotiate by letting them know if someone is offering the same service for less.

2 - Get bidding

eBay and the ‘For Sale’ forum on hitched.co.uk are both good places to find unexpectedly affordable little extras, like table decorations or pre-loved accessories.

3 - Honeymoon upgrades

Always ask about complementary honeymoon upgrades: hotels like Macdonald Hotels and Resort offer ultimate relaxations experience, champagne and massages to encourage newlyweds to stay with them.

4 - DIY wedding plan

If you are good at baking, why not make your own wedding cake? Instead of hiring an expensive professional videographer, why not create your wedding video with the Vidicrew app? If you have creative flair, why not decorate your personalised wedding tokens? 

Have a look at your current skills and see which one you can use to save money on your wedding. 

To conclude:

Planning your perfect wedding can be overwhelming. By cutting down the cost of your wedding budget, the financial aspect of your wedding is one less thing to worry about. 

What other frugal wedding tips can you come up with? Comment your suggestions below!

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