5 fabulous COVID-safe wedding ideas.

Weddings have become quite uncertain due to Covid-19. There are plenty of ways you can start planning and adapting your wedding day to meet this new reality. So here are 5 Covid-safe wedding ideas to make sure your day is safe while throwing a once-in-a-lifetime celebration. From virtual wedding planning to hand sanitising stations, here’s how to ensure your guests have the best time on your special day during Covid-19.

1 - Provide custom elegant masks

By giving out custom wedding face masks to your guests, you are saving the environment from pollution caused by disposable face masks. You can request Bags of Love to make personalised ones with your names and wedding date on, or you could also get silk fabric masks made in a colour that matches your wedding theme.

2 - Livestream your wedding

For your family and friends who cannot attend the wedding in person, live streaming your ceremony using the Zoom app is the safest bet. Elderly relatives are usually at risk of catching the Covid-19 virus, so taking the digital approach is the right way.

3 - Add fashionable hand sanitising stations

In order for your guest to feel safe and healthy throughout the wedding ceremony, include personalized sanitiser bottles in welcome bags and put packets of sanitising wipes in fashionably elegant tissue boxes. 


Your guests will be opening doors, picking up glasses, touching chairs and shaking hands so the best way to stop the spread of germs is to have lots of hand sanitizers and wipes available.

4 - Replace cash bars to contactless

If you’re asking guests to buy their own drinks, make sure your bar is fully contactless. You want to avoid cash changing hands as the virus can cling to the money. However, with less people at your wedding, you might decide to pay for drinks yourself.

5 - Make guests feel comfortable before the wedding day

Your guests might feel a bit worried about social gatherings after being deprived of social interaction for a long time. Calm your guests’ nerves by sending them a small personalised box containing a bottle of sanitiser, a mask and some safety guidelines for the day. You can introduce an icebreaker by asking your guests to upload their behind-the-scenes wedding preparations to the Vidicrew wedding video app

To conclude:

While your wedding might look a little different, the uniqueness, festivity and love of the occasion won’t. It will still be one of the most special and memorable days of your life. 

How are you going to maintain social distancing while creating the perfect romantic atmosphere on your wedding day? Comment your thoughts below!

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