6 Game-changing hacks to help you save on your wedding budget.

Wedding budgets, you cannot run or hide from them. So, no matter whether you are spending one hundred pounds or one hundred thousand pounds, every prospective bride is going to be restricted by their budget in some way.


It is super helpful as a bride to see all of the different ways you can save money. You can find opportunities to hack the cost of the overall wedding, saving thousands of pounds in the process. So, here are some tips that can hopefully help you free up more of that all important wedding budget.

1 - Paperless wedding invites

To save money, you can ditch the paper and send everything via email. You can use paperless posts so your digital cards are environmentally friendly and a fraction of the cost of traditional wedding invitations. 

You can do a mix of both print and digital invites if you have some guests who need to keep it old-school. Many of the digital card platforms such as the Digital Wedding Card offer the option to print on paper.

2 - Use referral discounts for the DJ and photographer

There is no better endorsement than word of mouth. So if you know a DJ who played at previous weddings you attended, or a photographer your friend used, you can contact the vendors, share your friends name with them and ask them if they can offer you a referral discount. Allister Freeman is an established wedding photographer in the UK since 2004 and if you are having a wedding here in the UK, feel free to visit Allister’s wedding photography website to learn more.

3 - Use YouTube to choreograph your first dance

If you desire to put on a show for your friends and family to enjoy, you can turn to YouTube to help you with choreography. Select your first dance number and research Ballroom Feed’s YouTube channel to see various couples’ first dances. You can steal snippets of their dances and then mash it up with other ballroom dance moves that are pretty simple and enjoyable.

You can almost guarantee to have tonnes of fun goofing around and creating the dance together – and, with YouTube, it is completely free. You can also use YouTube to help choreograph the father-daughter dance.

4 - Use bridesmaids bouquets as centerpieces

Flowers and centerpieces can be a really pricey part of your wedding budget. Reduce the cost by having your bridesmaids bouquets work as part of the centerpieces. That smart move alone will shave a few hundred off the florist bill. 


Another idea is to mix flowers entirely as a centerpiece or pick up pre-made bouquets at the grocery store for your bridesmaids. Or if you have the time, you can get the flowers wholesale and make the arrangements yourself – another great time to turn to YouTube.

5 - Free hotel night as part of a promotion

You can often get your hotel room for free on the night of your wedding if enough of your wedding guests stay at the same hotel. There is normally a discount for guests if they book a room in the block that you reserve too. This is a fairly common practice and definitely worth asking about if you are debating between two different hotels.

6 - Save on your wedding film with the Vidicrew app

Interested in creating your fun and personal wedding film without breaking the bank? Vidicrew’s app has been a huge life-saver for couples who want to capture the special moments of their wedding whilst saving huge sums of money they would usually spend on a videographer. With Vidicrew, you and your loved ones capture the whole wedding journey yourselves and professional editors transform the videos into a really fun and personal wedding video, you’ll really cherish for years to come.

To conclude:

These game-changing hacks will help your wedding budget stretch further and leave you some money for your honeymoon treats. At the same time, you won’t have to sacrifice your desired wedding style and your guests’ experience.

So, how are you going to create your amazing wedding experience for less? Comment your frugal wedding ideas below!

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