6 last minute DIY wedding ideas.

Budget and unanticipated expenses are part of everybody’s wedding planning experience. If you are on a tight budget or worried about a last minute change of plans, don’t panic! Here are six DIY wedding ideas that guarantee you a more personal wedding with a lower budget.

1 - Wedding favors: show your talents

Giving wedding favors is a way to show thanks to your wedding guests. It could also be a way for you to show your talents. If you are a good baker, you could make home-made cookies or brownies. If you are good at art, you could draw mini paintings for your guests. If you already have experience in DIY, you could make things that remind your guests of you, such as soap and candles. A gift that ties with your talent and your effort will definitely impress your wedding guests.

2 - Centerpiece: use come-in-handy items

Your centerpiece does not need to be a bouquet of flowers. It can be anything that comes in handy and fits your wedding theme or color. It could be a big jar of lemons, a pumpkin, a geometric lantern, a bowl of peaches, a pile of books, several candles, or a few well-decorated balloons. A successful centerpiece is not just a decoration, it makes your guests think of you and your partner. Instead of purchasing something that simply looks beautiful, you could DIY an item that shows your personality and your unique ideas!

3 - Hair and makeup: beautiful and easy to learn

If you aim for having simple and elegant hair and makeup at your wedding, it is perfect for you to DIY your own hair and makeup style, with some help from your bridesmaids. There are plenty of Youtube videos by Brianna Fox that teach you step by step how to DIY your hair and makeup. You could watch them with your bridesmaids and practice together. If you have had experience of braiding hair and putting on makeup, learning from a video would be a piece of cake. Also, you bond with your bridesmaids and gain new skills as you plan your wedding.

4 - Airbnb a venue: convenient and affordable

An Airbnb venue is more affordable than a traditional wedding venue. What’s more, you could have your wedding ceremony, reception and accommodations, all in one location. How convenient is that! You can choose an Airbnb that already fits your taste to save money on decorations. Airbnb a wedding venue also provides you with more options: you can hand-pick your vendors or wedding coordinator. These together will offer you and your guests a unique place to have fun.

5 - Spotify as DJ: personalised playlist

Music is essential to a wedding since it elicits strong emotions and provides beats for people to dance to. It may take a while for you to put together a playlist that entertains people of all ages, but once you finish, you will feel a strong sense of accomplishment and satisfaction because this playlist is one of a kind. Using Spotify or any other app to play your music will save you a lot of money.

6 - Vidicrew app: film your own wedding video

Hiring a videographer is often expensive, so why not film your own wedding video? Wedding videos filmed by your friends and family with the Vidicrew app can be more personal, fun and unique than those filmed by wedding videographers who probably don’t know you very well. To DIY a wedding video with the Vidicrew app is very convenient and efficient, and you can use Vidicrew’s editing service to transform the videos into a cohesive and personal wedding film. To learn more, see this 3-step guide to making a DIY wedding film, with the Vidicrew app.

To conclude: 

Although to DIY a wedding takes time and lots of considerations, it is a great way to lower the costs and still enjoy a wonderful wedding. You may feel that your hard work is all worthy when your guests appreciate your hand-made favors, when you are listening to music that you love the most, and when you watch the wedding video you have created, with your loved ones, that is fun and personal. 

What else could you DIY at your wedding? Leave a comment below!

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