7 tips on planning a smooth and joyful overseas wedding.

Getting married abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you are planning a destination wedding and you don’t know where to start, this blog will provide lots of useful tips on how to plan a smooth and joyful overseas wedding.

1 - Visit wedding destination

Finding a perfect wedding destination is the first and most important step of planning an overseas wedding. Choosing somewhere you have been to and have always wanted to revisit is the best option because you have some basic understanding of the weather, food, transportation etc. You may even have friends there who can help you with wedding planning. If you are not a frequent traveler, you should consider researching nearby countries and visit the destination before choosing the location for your wedding. Being at the wedding destination tells you a lot about the place. Visit Perfect Wedding Abroad’s website if you want to get married in Greece.

2 - Set a clear budget

An overseas wedding may cost more than you expect. Beware of unexpected expenses such as transaction fees, taxes, tips, baggage fees and shipping costs. They add up quickly. You don’t want to be overly burdened by money issues when you hope to enjoy the best moments of your life. Setting a reasonable and accurate budget protects your happiness by helping you anticipate everything in the future.

3 - Invite friends early

As you are busy planning your overseas wedding, don’t forget to invite guests as early as possible. This will ensure that your friends have enough time to plan the trip, so more people will show up on your wedding day. Sending invites early also gives you time to communicate properly with them to learn about their needs, such as food allergies and hotel preferences. Planning ahead will surely reduce potential problems and lead to a smooth and happy wedding.

4 - Hire a local wedding planner

If you are planning to DIY an overseas wedding, you may be getting yourself into a lot of trouble. To save time and energy, you should consider hiring an English-speaking local wedding planner like Katrina Otter Weddings who is experienced in coordinating destination weddings. This way, you will avoid language barriers and probably save money because the local wedding planner has connections with vendors. You can sit back and focus on other aspects of your wedding, like finding the perfect wedding dress and inviting friends.

5 - Plan plenty of activities

As a host, you are responsible for entertaining your guests at your overseas wedding and what can be more fun than participating in activities together? You can host a welcome party or a brunch so that your guests get to know each other better. You can also organise a bus tour or group trip to see more local scenery. The general principle is to keep your guests happily busy for the whole weekend. Consider these 8 wacky and fun ways to entertain your wedding guests.

6 - Make a checklist before departure

Making a checklist before you depart for your wedding destination will ensure you have everything you need at the wedding. The list should be as thorough as possible. It is troublesome to come back home to pick something up after you leave, especially when you have an aeroplane to catch. Remember to bring your passport and legal documents. When you finally arrive at the destination, you (or your wedding planner) should double-check that everything you ordered and shipped arrives on time.

7 - Use the Vidicrew app to film your wedding video, with your guests

Getting married and enjoying a weekend overseas with friends and family are unique experiences. Use the Vidicrew app to capture the WHOLE wedding journey! You do not need any equipment other than your mobile phone, and you can access a gallery of videos filmed by your wedding guests. Vidicrew’s professional video editing team will help you convert the best video clips into a fun and personal wedding film. See the Top 5 benefits of making your own wedding film with the Vidicrew app.

To conclude: 

Despite requiring extra costs and efforts, getting married abroad is totally worth it. If you follow all of the advice above, you will enjoy an extraordinary destination wedding and it will give your wedding that extra special feel.

Where do you plan to get married? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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