8 important things every bride forgets on their wedding day.

From picking out the perfect destination to sending out the pretty invites, you’ve planned the essentials for the big day – but may have overlooked what to prepare when the actual day comes.

Despite your best efforts to have everything under control during this important moment in your life, it can be difficult to consider and plan for all possible scenarios. With this being said, here are 5 things all brides tend to forget on their wedding day – and the easy solutions to fix them in order to have the flawless wedding you’ve always imagined.

1 - Not having enough to eat on your wedding day

Almost every bride is guilty of this. Consider appointing one of your bridesmaids to make sure you are well fed and hydrated by passing you snacks and water throughout the day. You can hire a wedding planner to look after you on your big day.

2 - Comfortable shoes to change into

It’s a great idea to bring a pair of comfortable ballet flats and hide them underneath your reception table.

No one will see you sporting your flats if you are wearing a long wedding dress. Slip them on while sitting at the table and the change means you can comfortably dance all night long.

3 - Emergency kit

While it’s not in your best interest to worry over what could potentially go wrong on your big day, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for the what-ifs.

You can bring an emergency kit with everything from bandaids, to painkillers and some beauty fix including hair sprays, bobby pins and deodorant.

4 - Hair and makeup touch-up kit

You look like you’ve just stepped out of a magazine once the hair and makeup team have worked their magic on you, but you have a full day ahead of you.

On top of that, there could be tears, sweat and other forces of nature like rain and wind working against you, so you will need a touch up kit. To make your glam up session uniquely memorable, why not record yourself being beautified by your makeup team using the Vidicrew wedding app?

5 - Keep vendor contact information on hand.

Use a service like Google Drive to keep a running list of all your vendors along with their contact information, in case you need to get in touch with them quickly (or on the go!). These files are hosted online, can be shared with anyone, and can be accessed anywhere from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

6 - Pay attention to the weather—and the sunset!

You’ll definitely want to have a bad-weather contingency plan in place, but you may not realize that it’s important to keep an eye on what time the sun sets, too. Ask your photographer about the infamous golden hour, the period shortly before sunset that’s usually the prime time to take outdoor wedding photos. It’s definitely worth fitting in to your timeline!

7 - Bring along your rings and marriage license

Many couples forget one (or both) of these items on the day of. Sure, your wedding is going to be a fun party, but the main point of it is to actually get married. So don’t forget to bring your rings and marriage license to the ceremony, along with a pen so you can sign it!

8 - Bringing an overnight bag

Many brides tend to forget their overnight bag, which will be filled with essentials needed for the first night of being a married couple. Don’t forget to bring your toothbrush and clean clothes so you don’t have to walk around the next morning in your wedding gown.


To conclude:

Planning a wedding is essentially a full-time job. There are so many details and so many people, vendors, and logistics that have to be managed, so it’s not hard to believe that sometimes a detail here and there gets overlooked.

How are you going to ensure a flawless wedding without forgetting anything? Leave your suggestions below!

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