8 real wedding frugal tips for modern couples.

It seems as though everyone just accepts that getting married has to be incredibly expensive. However, with a little bit of planning and creativity, you really can have a cheap wedding without compromising on quality. 


Here are our top tips to easily reduce wedding costs and still have a gorgeous and intimate wedding day to remember.

1 - Cheap wedding venues

You can reduce wedding costs massively by opting for a full-scale D.I.Y. option. How about having a picnic in the local park, where all of your guests bring and share their favourite food? You may well find that this is far more fun than an expensive, formal dinner. A chilled out picnic is sure to be memorable, and it will bring your family and friends together. The Village Point offers an affordable stunning space exclusively for your big day.

2 - Find local professionals and don’t be afraid to ask for discounts

You can reduce wedding costs dramatically by deciding to use local professionals. Many people feel too embarrassed to ask for a discount or extras, however, this is where real savings can be made. However, you could potentially save hundreds of pounds, simply by asking for discounts. Many local professionals are able to give you discounts, but if you don’t ask you won’t get them.

Instead of hiring expensive videographers, why not take advantage of affordable and fun wedding apps, such as the Vidicrew app? Not only is this app relatively cheap, but you will also get your videos professionally edited for less.

3 - Consider getting married out of season

June and September tend to be the peak of wedding season when prices will be the highest. Venues are also a lot less likely to be open to negotiation during this period, due to such high demand. You may be able to get a far lower rate for the same wedding venue if you plan to have your wedding in the winter. Additionally, due to the lack of demand in low season, wedding venues are likely to be more up for negotiation.

4 - Find cheap, second-hand wedding dress

Every bride wants to feel fabulous on their wedding day. Despite this, it is important to consider whether it is worth paying upwards of £1,000 on a dress you will wear once. Thankfully, some brands online offer wedding dress rental services where you can rent your wedding dress for less without owning it.

If you want to look good and do some good at the same time, buying your wedding dress from a charity shop could be for you! You may initially feel as though buying your wedding dress from a charity shop is a step too far to reduce wedding costs. Visit Bride2Bride website marketplace to buy your second hand wedding dress.

5 - Reduce your guest list

You can easily reduce wedding costs by cutting back on your unruly guest list. You may feel tempted to invite your third cousin or someone you haven’t seen for fifteen years, out of obligation. However, the key thing to remember is that you are directly paying for every single person you invite. If you decide to make your wedding a smaller, more intimate gathering, you’re likely to have more fun anyway. It’s really that simple!

6 - Track your budget

It sounds too simple, doesn’t it? But actually it’s often overlooked because of how simple it is. First, you’ll need to come up with a realistic wedding budget, and then you’ll need to make sure you’re sticking to it. .

Make a spreadsheet on Google Sheets that both you and your partner can edit. Set up at tab for each of your major spends, e.g. venue, catering, décor, entertainment, outfits, flowers, with one column for what you’ve allocated for it, and another with every one of your spends so far. You can use the AutoSum function to add up your spending as you go along – simple!

7 - Skip summer Saturdays

Saturdays are the most sought-after days to marry, which means venues can charge a premium. If you really want to save a significant amount of your budget, choose an alternative day of the week. Fridays and Sundays will have a slight reduction, but Monday to Thursday venue hire is normally a fraction of the Saturday cost. Throw in marrying in the off-season (usually from October to March) and you can get a real bargain.

A weekday might be awkward for some, but as long as your nearest and dearest can make it, the saving might be worth it.

8 - Borrow to keep costs down

Borrowing is a key way to keep your budget under control.

If you have friends that have already got married, they’ll probably have a heap of décor – or even a veil or tiara – they’d be happy to lend you or sell on the cheap. You’ll need something borrowed for your wedding anyway so try and borrow where you can to keep costs down.

To conclude:

Many people dream of a beautiful, unforgettable wedding, but not many long for the financial aftermath. The best solution is to take a serious look at all of the expenses involved with a wedding and find realistic, frugal ways to cut back on the expense without tinkering with the magic or the memories. 

What frugal tips are you going to incorporate on your wedding day? Comment your ideas below!

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