8 wacky and fun ways to entertain your wedding guests.

Are you looking forward to designing the most wacky and fun wedding reception to surprise your guests? Here is a list of ideas for you to WOW your friends.

1 - Animal guests: cute animals make your day

It is now popular for couples to include their fur babies – dogs or cats – on their big day. But if this idea is not unique enough for you, you could turn your wedding reception into a petting zoo. Enjoy the company of more fuzzy friends with Vauxhall City Farm based in London: llamas, ponies, baby lambs, rabbits and pot belly pigs! Your animal guests will surely make your wedding day extra special.

2 - Comedian: hilarious moments bring you laughter

What is a better way to make your guests laugh than hiring a comedian, such as Purple Cactus Productions, at your wedding? Hiring a comedian is the first step, but catering the jokes for your wedding guests requires more creativity. Nobody knows your wedding guests better than you do. Discuss the content of the show with your comedian, tell him/her about your personal stories, describe your guests to him/her, and most importantly, establish limits to prevent any inappropriate jokes.

3 - Ice cream truck: enjoy cool and satisfying dessert

Ice cream is perfect for an outdoor wedding on a hot summer’s day. Renting an ice cream truck for your guests makes it even better. Your guests could choose their favourite flavors and enjoy as much ice cream as they want. Keeping the child guests happy and reminding the adult guests of childhood!

4 - Vidicrew: make a wedding video together, with an app

Have you ever thought about creating your own wedding video with friends and family, instead of hiring professional videographers? With the Vidicrew app, you could let your wedding guests be your videographers and capture your wedding from every angle. You could access all videos taken by your guests in one gallery and use Vidicrew’s editing team to transform them into a fun and personal wedding film. Want tips on how to make your wedding film awesome? Read Top 5 tips to making an AWESOME wedding film with the Vidicrew app.

5 - DIY cocktails: customised drinks for everyone

Cocktails are essential to every celebrative event. Your guests are probably used to drinking standard cocktails prepared by bartenders. It’s time to twist the experience a little bit! Prepare some alcohol, ice, fruits, juice, sauces and bitters, and let your guests DIY their cocktails. You could also make it a contest and see who is the hidden “bartender” among your friends.

6 - Tarot card reading: add a little mystery to your wedding

If you and your friends have not tried tarot card reading and are wondering about it, hire a charismatic tarot card reader. He/she will spark conversations after intense activities like dancing and singing. At a wedding, your guests may have questions about their own lives and relationships. This is a great opportunity for them to find answers in a fun way.

7 - Live wedding painting: capture the day

Using cameras is not the only way to capture your wedding experience. Painting your wedding is fun, artistic and memorable. Your live event painter could paint in any style you prefer, whether it is realism, impressionism or abstractionism. The painting is likely to be hung on your walls forever after, so hiring the “right” artist is very important. To learn more about live wedding painting, read Live Wedding Painting: Everything You Need to Know.

8 - Props, glitter and temporary tattoos: design a new look for your friends

Preparing props, glitter and temporary tattoos for your guests is easy and affordable, and it has a great impact on your wedding reception. Wedding guests usually wear formal clothing to wedding ceremonies, but they could look more casual for your fun and wacky wedding reception. Wearing props, glitter and temporary tattoos is great for photos and videos, and you could pick props best suited for your friends and family to create a wonderful collective memory.

To conclude:

Planning one or two of these fabulous wedding activities will keep your guests engaged. Have a great time at your fun and unique wedding reception!


Can you think of any crazier ideas for your wedding? Leave a comment below!

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