How a DIY wedding can save you money.

Going DIY for your wedding day is a guaranteed way to save money, so you have more money reserves on your honeymoon celebrations. Plus, decorating your own wedding cake and centerpieces are a fun way to build memories with your friends and loved ones. 


So, what DIY wedding projects are worth your time and effort?

1 - Wedding flower centerpieces

DIY centerpieces are usually very cheap, ranging from free to less than £10. If you have an eye for flower arrangement, then designing your wedding centerpieces is a great way to utilise your creativity. Plus arranging your own flower centerpieces and finally seeing the fruits of your labour on your wedding day will give you the feeling of satisfaction and peace of mind with your wedding finances.

2 - Wedding hair and makeup

There are a lot of informative YouTube free tutorials online by Brianna Fox on how to do your own wedding make-up. Or if you have a friend who has exceptional make-up skills, you can ask them to beautify you on your wedding day, for free. 

Hot tip –  make sure you do test shots with flash lighting to see how you will look under the photographer’s lens.

3 - Wedding music

If you are on a budget, getting a free playlist on Spotify is the best bet for your wedding music. You can also invite your wedding guests to make song requests – this means you will get a whole variety of songs that your guests have chosen and will love all night.

4 - Wedding invitations

If you have a talent for digital design, creating digital wedding invitations is the cost-effective way to invite your guests to your wedding day. Not only will you save money on paper, but you also won’t have to pay for postage. Plus sending wedding invites online is much faster and preferred by most people who are always on their phones.

5 - Wedding videography

Hiring a professional videographer costs a lot. And the best way to save your hard-earned money whilst still capturing beautiful wedding memories is to use the Vidicrew app. This fun and affordable wedding app has been a game-changer for couples who are choosing to create lasting wedding memories and saving money at the same time. Your wedding guests will also have the opportunity to upload behind-the-scenes moments of your wedding journey, and then all videos will be professionally edited into a wedding video you will forever love and treasure.

To conclude:

A DIY wedding is a great way to showcase your creativity and save money. Being frugal with your wedding ensures you have enough money reserves for your romantic honeymoon.

What’s your favourite DIY wedding tips and which tips are you going to incorporate to your budget-friendly wedding plan? Comment your DIY wedding tips below!

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