How to brush off that wedding hangover.

After-wedding hangovers are normal, especially if you have thrown a fantastic wedding night party filled with dancing and booze. As a wedding couple, it is considerate to prepare a hangover kit and offer it to your wedding guests who took their time to attend your special day. You want them to have a memorable experience even after the wedding. So, here is a list of items you should include in your hangover kits to help your guests wake up feeling refreshed.

1 - Hangover tip: Lift the mood

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You want to offer your wedding guests foods rich in protein and fiber such as eggs, some meat, vegetables and yogurt which are gentle to an upset stomach and will definitely keep you satiated for longer


To make their experience worthwhile, you can also offer your guests a handwritten thank-you note and some discount vouchers from nearby restaurants to have a delicious lunch.

2 - Hangover tip: Emergency kit

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Before anything else, preparation is the key to wedding hangover success. Offer your guests items they will probably need, such as 

  • a power bank so they can conveniently upload photos and videos to your shared wedding gallery as quickly as possibly e.g. if you use the Vidicrew wedding app
  • blister band aids for your female guests who are wearing sky-high painful stilettos just in case they injure themselves
  • a nail file

3 - Hangover tip: Look fresh and nice

To make sure your wedding guests look as fresh as they can, we suggest you include the following:


  • A hydrating face mask with aloe vera
  • A refreshing face mist with a hint of scented rose
  • A moisturising lip balm
  • A pack of biodegradable wet wipes for face and body to remove leftover makeup

4 - Hangover tip: Feel better

Your guests had probably spent a lot of their precious energy showing off their dance moves and drinking booze on your wedding party night. To help your guests feel refreshed and better the next day, why not offer them a kit which includes the following:


  • Hydrating eye drops
  • A pair of comfortable slippers and a breathable bathrobe
  • Some ginger and peppermint tea to help with digestion
  • Dental floss and mouthwash

5 - Hangover tip: Restore hydration

Wedding celebration is known to be an important event associated with plenty of scrumptious foods and alcoholic drinks. It is acceptable to drink alcohol in moderation, but too much of it can lead to dehydration. At a wedding, the drink options are almost endless. In order to help your guests bring back their hydration level to normal, include the following liquids:

To conclude:

To surprise your wedding guests, make sure to leave the wedding hangover kits close to the exit at the venue so they remember to take one home. Your guests will definitely remember your wedding and how good it was even the day after!

Do you have any wedding hangover tips that you want to share? Comment your suggestions below!

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