How to pull off an epic virtual wedding.

While nothing will replace the in-person experience of having a wedding, it’s safe to say that thanks to the ease and accessibility of virtual weddings, they are here to stay. 


If you are planning a virtual wedding, here are some things to keep in mind.

1 - Choose your video platform

The number one video platform we highly recommend is Zoom, as it is high-quality and super easy to use. You can send the link to anybody and up to a hundred people can participate, and you can record the full wedding too. 

Facebook live is another option. It is easy to broadcast to all of your friends and family and they can pretty easily access that video. Instagram live is another example or Skype.

2 - Choose a time and a date

So whether you are wanting to do it tomorrow or a week from now, if you are wanting to invite guests, it is nice to give them a heads up so they can prepare. So definitely choose a time and a date that are special to you.

3 - Create your guests list

Whether you are wanting 5 guests or 100 guests, it’s great to get together with your significant other and figure out who you would like to participate on your big day.


Be sure to let your guests know, give them advance notice and invite them on Facebook groups, group text messages or WhatsApp.

4 - Customize your ceremony

Work with your officiant to create a ceremony script and structure. Do your best to have your officiant incorporate some elements of your personal story of:


  • How you met
  • How you fell in love
  • How you came together 
  • Why your relationship is special

5 - Create the filming atmosphere

Whether you are having an indoor or outdoor wedding, there are some key things to keep in consideration. Lighting is crucial as you want your guests to see you. And generally, indoors is going to be pretty dark. So whether you are using indoor lamps or going outside during the sunshine, make sure you have proper lighting.

Make sure you have a stand for your phone or your laptop, that way it is eye level with you. So that your guests can see at a reasonable height. Getting a high-quality microphone is recommended, whether it is attached to your PC or a stand-alone microphone, so your guests can hear what is taking place. Don’t forget to use the Vidicrew app and invite your guests to record themselves saying their wedding messages then upload the videos to the app.

6 - Mind your positioning

Your camera/phone will only capture a certain radius and both of you and your significant other want to be in the picture. So make sure you are practicing your positioning so that both of you are on the screen.

7 - Test your audio

We highly suggest that whatever video platform you are using, testing your audio is a must. During the ceremony, make sure you are speaking loudly and clearly so that your guests can participate in your special moment and hear everything that you are saying. Yeti Microphone is perfect for virtual wedding occasions as it is easy to set up and use due to its plug and play design.

To conclude:

Technology is going to be your best friend during these days of social distancing, especially when it comes to planning a virtual wedding. Many engaged couples aren’t letting things like a global pandemic or social distance get in their way of getting married. Because love always wins.

What tips and tricks do you have to make your virtual wedding plans go smoothly? Comment your thoughts below!

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