How to throw an amazing, intimate wedding at-home successfully.

Hosting your celebration at a place that has unique meaning to you—be it your home together or where one of you grew up—makes for an unforgettable experience. With rules and regulations changing daily on how we can celebrate, all of the below advice should be executed with safety and health precautions in mind.

1 - Entertain your guests in their seats

A great way to keep guests entertained without mingling is with bite-sized pairings that prolong the dinner experience and make it more memorable—such as wine and cheese or caviar and champagne. Treat your guests to post-dinner fun that’s enjoyable, like an outdoor movie in your backyard complete with a video projector and screen, cozy blankets or camping chairs, and popcorn and candy packaged in theater-like snack boxes. Your guests can also upload their photos and videos using an affordable wedding app such as the Vidicrew app.

2 - Light it up

Every good event designer will tell you the same thing: Lighting is everything. Use candlelight and lanterns whenever possible. This will not only add dramatic effect and ambiance, but illuminating key paths and fixtures at an outdoor event ensures guests enjoy the evening and make their way home safely.

3 - Have a welcome gathering instead of cocktail hour

Think of unique ways to make an impression the moment your guests arrive. While a cocktail reception is typically held after the ceremony to allow guests to get dined before the reception, it’s best to skip moments that discourage distancing and where guests will likely have to congregate at a bar.

A wedding at home has a different feel; you want your guests to immediately feel welcome and comfortable. Skip the social hour and, instead, greet guests with signature drinks and non-alcoholic cocktails before the ceremony to set the tone.

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4 - Choose outdoor lounges

If you’re planning a wedding at home, you’re most likely holding the event outside. Bring the inside out, and make your backyard feel like the warm interiors of your home. Design clusters of cozy lounge spaces where guests can sit back and enjoy the al fresco celebration, ideally with those they’re already living and quarantining with.

5 - Use your wanderlust as an inspiration

If travel isn’t possible but you’re dreaming of a destination wedding, recreate the far-flung feeling for your celebration at home. Get inspired by your favorite destination—be it anywhere from Italy to Japan, New Zealand to New Orleans.

Have fun with the menu and the decorative elements by choosing flavors, flowers, colors, patterns, and textures that represent the location you had planned or always wanted to wed in. Don’t forget to include music and scents to really immerse your guests in the locale that’s at the core of your wanderlust. Visit Entertainment Nation to book and hire the best wedding music bands in the UK.

To conclude:

Whether you’re planning on setting up your big day at a parent or relatives’ house, or thinking of throwing the bash in your own shared property, hosting your wedding at home can be a great way to reduce your costs, keep everything totally customisable and make even more amazing memories in a space you already love.

How are you going to celebrate your wedding at home? Leave your comments below!

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