The 4 biggest wedding planning regrets.

We hear all the struggles before and after the wedding day, from buying the wrong dress type to wearing painful bridal shoes. Hindsight is a beautiful thing, and it’s so easy to fall into ‘what if’ mode after the wedding – looking back on all the things you wish you’d done. Check out this list to avoid wedding regrets on the big day.

1 - Wedding video

Cutting out a wedding video was listed as the top regret for many brides. There’s something sentimental and powerful about being able to go back and watch your first wedding kiss and “I do’s”. Watching your behind-the-scenes wedding moments while you were getting your photo taken evokes a positive emotional response. Wouldn’t it be great if you had access to all those amazing wedding photos and videos?

With the Vidicrew app, upload all the media in one place and our team of professional editors will create a unique, personalised wedding video.

2 - Expensive centerpieces

Guess what? While overpriced centerpieces are fun to plan and beautiful to look at, your guests won’t be overanalysing these as much as you think. Invest your money on more memorable experiences like food, music and dance.


Consider making your own flower centerpieces instead by collecting flowers from a nearby forest or your neighborhood’s garden to save money.

3 - Wearing painful pumps

Wearing a sky high wedding stiletto may look nice, but the probability of getting painful blisters while you walk down the aisle is too high. Keep your wedding shoes comfortable and practical as you will be wearing them all day. When choosing bridal shoes, make sure it looks elegant and flat just like a ballerina-style wedding shoes.


Hot tip -wear your bridal shoes a few times around the house so your feet get used to the feeling of your new shoes.

4 - Too many bridesmaids

Quality over quantity. It’s crucial to select people you want by your side, not people you feel obligated to include in your ceremony. The day is about YOU and your fiancé, not the entire entourage! Having too many people can create unneeded drama and make it difficult to coordinate everyone.

5 - Makeup retouch

Don’t forget to retouch your bridal makeup! You may have cried during the ceremony and you certainly kissed the groom! Your makeup will get messed up throughout the day, make sure you have an extra makeup kit in your wedding purse to fix it throughout the day!

To conclude:


Your wedding is often said to be one of the most important days of your life. By doing months of careful planning and online research, you reduce your chances of doing something you will regret on your wedding day. 


What is your biggest takeaway from this article? Comment your thoughts below!

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