Top 5 benefits of making your own wedding film with the Vidicrew app.

Loads of couples are making their own wedding films with Vidicrew. Why? Because with our app, it’s never been easier! Here are the top benefits:

It’s simple and fun

When you make your own wedding film with our app, all you need to do is make sure your guests are informed about it and then you can all have fun with it 🙂 They’ll be capturing mobile phone moments anyway, so you can relax knowing they’ll capture the most amazing and authentic moments of your wedding possible. Think about when you scroll through stories on social media, it’s addictive because the videos you are watching are so personal and engaging. Then imagine fun moments like this, easily collected into your own gallery and professionally edited into a wedding film. It can really happen.

It’s affordable

Traditional wedding video services will cost you between £1000 – £10,000. That’s because the videographer/s have to travel to the venue themselves, with expensive equipment and then they have to take time to get the footage together and edit it themselves. Vidicrew’s app removes all of the costly parts of this process, because your guests don’t have to go out of their way to capture the footage (they’ll be doing it anyway), they don’t need to buy new expensive equipment and their videos (and photos) are uploaded to the gallery in realtime, so our team of experienced editors are ready to start on the film straight away. Vidicrew is a fraction of the average wedding video and it’s arguably more fun!

If your budget allows, you could always have both 🙂

It’s quick to set up

Your Vidicrew wedding film can be started in a matter of clicks on our website. Once you have purchased your package, your gallery will be ready for contributors (guests) to upload content from the app, so all you need to do is spread the word and that’s it. The film will be ready for you within 2 weeks from the wedding date, so no long waits either.

See our Simple 3-step guide to making a DIY wedding film with the Vidicrew app for more info on setting up your Vidicrew wedding film.

You don’t need to chase everybody for their mobile phone videos/photos

So many people say to us, but I can just do that on Whatsapp can’t I? And we’ve seen them try! It’s so difficult to chase everybody to send you all of their content, especially after the wedding. Most of it just gets forgotten and sits on their phones. Then by the time you do see it, the moment’s gone and the wedding video’s been made! With the Vidicrew app, you’re guests can upload the content as soon as it’s captured and they know it’s important to make the wedding film cut, so they make sure they do. Not only that but the gallery itself is a unique experience of seeing everybody’s moments coming into one viewable platform, which you can all enjoy! (Or you can make it private just four you, if you wish).

People who can’t attend the wedding can be in your final film

If there is anyone who can’t attend the wedding for some reason, that is a real shame but not to fear, with the Vidicrew app, they can still contribute a message or some footage to the wedding film. We’ve seen this done so many times and it means the world to our couples because they wouldn’t have that memory mixed in with the wedding day otherwise.

You see the moments you’d normally miss

Everybody knows that traditional wedding films don’t always paint an accurate picture of how the wedding really was. Because the videographer can’t follow everybody around all of the time…but the Vidicrew app can! With Vidicrew, you get to relive everybody’s golden moments in your gallery but also when it’s all edited together in your final wedding film. People’s journeys on the way to the wedding, the tears when they see you at the aisle, it’s all captured with Vidicrew and it’s captured through the eyes of your loved ones too. It really works.

There always be a demand for traditional methods but it is clear that apps like Vidicrew are paving the way for an exciting shift in the wedding video space. Why not get your wedding film started in a few simple steps at

Which of your guests’ moments are you most excited about seeing?

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We got to see our friends and family's moments, we otherwise would have missed.

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