Top 5 tips to making an AWESOME wedding film with the Vidicrew app.

Interested in making your own fun and personal wedding film? With the Vidicrew app, you can collect your guests mobile phone videos and use our pro editing services to transform them into your wedding film.

And here are our top 5 tips to help you make the best wedding film possible, using Vidicrew:

Tip 1 - Choose your most reliable friends to be gallery leaders

Once you’ve purchased a Vidicrew film package, you’ll have full access to the web and app gallery. There you can choose to upgrade particular members to become gallery leaders. This means they will have the same control as you, to manage the gallery e.g. delete content, upgrade other members etc. They will receive an email which says you have chosen them to be a key part of making the wedding film. We suggest that you choose at least 3 gallery leaders and make sure they are the guys you can rely on most to do this:

  • Here are some qualities to look for in a great Vidicrew gallery leader:
  • Enthusiasm
  • Camera savvy
  • Tech savvy
  • Reliable
  • Happy to help

Remember, it’s fun and they’re most likely to be capturing mobile phone content anyway, so it really isn’t asking a lot 🙂

Tip 2 - Capture the build-up and lead by example

The best Vidicrew films are the ones which capture the whole wedding journey, including the build-up and sometimes all the way through to the honeymoon! We often find these moments get captured when the couple lead by example and start contributing content early. They capture the build-up and preparation e.g. sitting at home on the laptop, the dress fittings, the venue viewings etc.

Selfies go a long way, because they can add real character to your film. So lead the way, capture the build-up yourself, to inspire and encourage your guests to do the same.

Tip 3 - Let the gallery leaders know what you want them to capture.

On the day of the wedding itself, you’ll be so occupied with everything else, you won’t have much time to manage or contribute to the film. So make sure your gallery leaders know what you want them to do. Sometimes couples allocate people to capture different parts of the day e.g. one captures ‘getting ready in the morning’, whilst another captures ‘the ceremony’ and so on. Or if you really want to capture every angle, make sure they stand at different parts of the room to do this for you. You could give them a schedule of the day to help.

Tip 4 - Promote your Vidicrew wedding film on the invitations and table cards

We find that lots of brides recommend this one a lot, because they know once the information is on the tables, or the invitations, then they can sit back knowing the message is out there. Some people call us the modern day disposable camera, which always goes down well at weddings. Basically when it’s on the table and people know what it’s for, they’ll do it!

Click here for a Vidicrew template table card, which you can use as you wish (click ‘make a copy’ when prompted).

Tip 5 - Get creative

We’ve had airport shenanigans, pre-wedding catwalks, choreographed dances, post-wedding calamities, Vidicrew users always blow us away with their creativity and it’s so much fun for us to edit! So we encourage you to come up with creative ideas and capture them, see if you can out-do your friends wedding video, there’s so much you can do if you put your mind to it!

So, why not reach out to that friend of yours who you know would be good at this? Or if you are that friend, why not put the idea forward? You could share our Top 5 benefits of making your own wedding film, to help your case. Get started today at

What’s the most crazy thing you’ve seen at a wedding?

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