Top tips for a perfect summer wedding.

If you’re getting married this summer – or next summer – it’s important to follow some helpful guidelines wherever you’re tying the knot.

1 - Consider a ceremony just before sunset

The hottest part of the day is around 3:00 pm. So after that, it starts to get cooler and cooler. Check to find out the time for sunset in your city. You can actually put the exact date for your wedding and it will tell you the time for sunset.

So if sunset happens at 7:30 pm, the best lighting for pictures is about one hour prior. So you want to start your ceremony at 6:30 pm, not right at the time of sunset. That hour before – photographers always called the ‘Golden Hour’ – is really good for pictures and the heat is much more bearable at that time.

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2 - Offer many fans for your guests

You can print your wedding programs on paper fans. It’s a fun and useful way to help your guests cool off. Another option is the battery-operated fans. Consider an outdoor venue that offers plenty of shade.

3 - Send wedding invitations in advance

Many people travel in the summer and your guests may have planned vacations or your wedding might be in a place where a lot of people go on holidays. So keep that in mind and send and save the dates early enough so that people can book their travel plans accordingly.

4 - Include ice-cold water stations

Not just one, but a few of them. Do not make your guests wait at the bar for water. Ice water stations can be refilled throughout the ceremony and they offer a quick relief from the heat.

5 - Have enough bars at your wedding venue

When it’s hot, people like to keep a drink in their hand. So you will find the line for the bar longer. Having enough bars means your guests won’t have to wait to order their drinks. You can hire wedding bar packages offered by The Vintage Bar Co and they supply wedding day drinks package, full wedding bar service and wedding cash bar service.

To conclude:

The summer months can bring heat, humidity, and even warm-weather storms, so it’s important to be prepared and have a plan to keep you, as well as your wedding party, family, and guests, comfortable during the festivities.

Do you have any summer wedding tips to share? Leave your thoughts down below!

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