Easily make your wedding film with Vidicrew Plus

Collect photos and videos into one gallery, easily with our app and our professional video editors transform it into a short film, perfect for sharing.
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Why use Vidicrew Plus?

Super fun and personal

Your loved ones get to have fun contributing their behind the scenes moments to your film.

Truly one of a kind

From picking up the dress to the honeymoon, it can all be part of your wedding film.

Perfect for sharing

The best highlights from all of the moments you collect, professonally edited into a short film your friends will love to see.


Our customers explain

“We were blown away by what we saw…. I can’t emphasize enough how fun the video is, because of how much fun our guests had with it.”

The love we’re getting




App access, gallery code
10 videos and photos
3 guests
No card required. Take a look, have a go!



App access, gallery code
Unlimited videos / photos
Unlimited guests



App access, gallery code
Unlimited videos / photos
Unlimited guests
  • Highlights of the wedding journey; from the build-up, to the honeymoon + any other wedding event(s)
  • Final film provided as a video file within 3 weeks
  • One free re-edit

Cancel anytime before the wedding, for a full refund.


It is highly likely that your guests will be capturing mobile phone videos and photos of your wedding, including the build-up! You won’t see it all because people don’t send it and it’s a hassle for you to chase it down.

By using Vidicrew, our app allows you to easily collect these moments into one online gallery, so you don’t miss a thing.

And our professional video editors can transform your moments into a wedding film, perfect for social media.

Yes you can. There is an option to ‘Upload’ from your native phone camera library in the app.

Simply share the name of your gallery with your guests and ask them to download the app and ‘join’.

Also there is an ‘Invite’ option in the app, which gives you a QR code you can copy and share with your guests which takes them directly to the app to download.

Users in the past have chosen to promote their gallery name on their wedding invites and display items at the wedding.

Yes. You could purchase ‘Collect’ now and collect all of your wedding moments, then choose ‘Plus’ to make a film later.
Plus package order. Typical next steps after your wedding date:
  1. Week 1 – We allow a week for further collection / for guests to upload content after your wedding date
  2. Week 2-3 – We edit the film, in portrait or landscape format (usually depending on whichever format has been used the most in your collection, unless you request otherwise), and send you a Vimeo private link to watch and download the film
  3. Week 3-4 – We make any required changes

Yes. The full list of FAQ’s can be found here.