WOW your bridesmaids and friends with these 9 unique hen party ideas..

You’re about to get married soon and to save money, you decided to take charge of planning the hen/bachelorette party. It’s a tough job but not to worry, we’ve got you covered with 11 cool ideas to make it memorable!

1 - Action packed activities

Perfect for the ladies who are seeking true adventure and crave a fully-loaded adrenaline weekend of activities. From zip lining with Skyfall Mobile Zip Line to skydiving with Go Skydive, there is always something for the adventure-loving hens out there. Or you could make your own adventure and you could go hiking and backpacking.

2 - Bachelorette photo challenge

This is a fun game you can play as a group or a challenge for the bride-to-be. Pick a list of situations, actions or items that the bride or the whole group will try to capture in the photo. 


Challenges can range anywhere from cultural to flirty. It is really up to you and your friends to choose what you feel is just right for the group.

3 - Take a class

Why not learn a new skill together with your bridesmaids? There are some really unique classes that can be a lot of fun to participate in as a group. 

You could delight your guests with your new signature cocktail, prepared right in front of them with style? Or do you feel like going through Nicole Cole’s Youtube channel to learn and improvise a dance for your significant other?

4 - Plan a road trip together

As you grow up, your job and responsibilities get in the way of your social life. Why not take a break from everything and indulge in a road trip with your best friends? 


Pick a location that you have always wanted to visit. Get there by car and plan the trip as you travel.

5 - Hire a photographer and be a model for a day

If you ever wonder how it feels to be one of those girls on the cover of a magazine, it is time to put yourself in their shoes. Hiring a good photographer like Allister Freeman is always a smart move as you will have all the amazing bachelorette photos to look back at in the future.

6 - Wellness retreat

Spoil yourself like a princess in a wonderful Glass House detox and wellness retreat with your besties. Saunas, steam baths and jacuzzis can be a nice way to celebrate a hen/bachelorette party. Especially if you also get the chance for a nice body massage.

7 - Slumber or pool party

This is a classic, evergreen idea for any bachelorette party.

Get cozy and warm whilst watching movies, playing games and talking about anything you love. 

Pool parties with Celebration Cottages are the all-time favourite for most brides-to-be. There is no better way to celebrate a hen/bachelorette party in the summer than diving into the pool with your best gals. Get some cold drinks, refreshing foods and enjoy some cool time.

8 - Naturist experience

This is the best way to enjoy your summer hen party without getting tan lines.


Naturalism is all about freedom. For the first timers, it can give that little thrill and embarrassment which makes it a perfect idea for a bachelorette party. Whatever happens, you’re bound to have some stories to tell!

9 - Record a bachelorette party film with Vidicrew App

If you love taking videos, why not capture the memories of your hen party with the Vidicrew app?

You could record the behind-the-scenes of your wedding preparations. Or even film your whole hen party. Capturing your special moments through photos and videos will guarantee to make you smile as you will have tangible lifetime wedding memories with your friends.

To conclude:

Planning a fun, affordable hen party can be a challenge for the first time bride-to-be. But with thorough research and careful planning, you can create the best pre-wedding memories with your friends for less.

So, how are you going to create amazing memories with your bridesmaids before your big wedding day? Comment your unique hen party ideas below!

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