You can still have your dream wedding on a budget.

Not every couple has the luxury to spend on an extravagant wedding, a grandiose reception in a Plaza hotel with high-class catering services. Some couples prefer practicality over extravagance when it comes to weddings. 


Therefore, we have created some quick tips that will help you cut down your wedding cost without compromising the quality of your wedding experience. Without the worry of spending thousands of pounds on your wedding, you can focus on establishing a more intimate and personalised wedding that showcases the love between the two of you.

1 - Pre-owned wedding dress

Why not go with a pre-owned dress? It could be your Mum’s or your Grandma’s. Or you could rent a wedding dress from Something Borrowed instead and return it once your wedding has finished. Not only will you save money, but you will also contribute positively to the environment by recycling a wedding dress that could potentially be ending up in the landfill.

2 - Go minimal on the flowers

One of the options is to pick flowers yourself. If you are lucky to be living near the forest, you could take a nice long walk with your partner and collect some flowers as you walk through the forest. Or maybe you have a neighbour who has a garden with rose bushes you can collect from to make your own wedding bouquet before the ceremony.

3 - Make your own invitation online

You can quickly create elegant wedding invitations online using Canva or Adobe Photoshop for free. If you are running out of creative ideas, you can check YouTube videos for inspiration and tutorials on how to create amazing digital designs for your wedding invitations.

4 - Minimal guest list

You do not have to invite everyone you know on your wedding day, as this will only add additional costs to your wedding. It is much better to invite just the closest people you know to make your wedding event more special and intimate. By downsizing your guest list, you will have more money to provide for higher quality experiences for you and your guests.

5 - Affordable wedding app

The cheaper alternative to a high-end professional videography service is the Vidicrew wedding app. This 5-star wedding app service is affordable for couples who are looking to have a personalised and professionally edited wedding video made from the video moments you and your guests upload on the app.

To conclude:

There are many cheaper alternatives for couples who want to organise a wedding on a budget. Budgeting your wedding creates less financial stress for you and you can focus on creating wonderful wedding memories and high-quality experiences.

So, do you prefer to be practical or extravagant on your wedding day? Comment your preference below!

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